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We like to keep it interesting so our menu is always on the move, if you are wondering though what you expect to see at our place - below is a snap shot of things we usually serve, and you can also check out our latest offerings on Facebook and Instagram


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Caesar Salad *

Smoked Chicken, crispy croutons, egg, parmesan & creamy Caesar dressing

Soup of the Day

See menu for details (Oyster soup available during season). Served with sourdough toast of garlic ciabatta.

Nachos *

Pulled pork nachos with bbq sauce, layered with sweet chilli, sour cream and cheese

Smoked Chicken Pita

Pita sandwhich bread packed with smoked chicken, brie, spinach, tomato & a milk southwest sauce. Served with green side salad.

BBQ Steak Pita

Pita with tangy BBQ sauce, steak, onion, mozzarella & spinach served with green side salad.

Toasted Sandwhich *+

Ham, cheese, pineapple, onion, tomato

Gourmet Smoked Salmon Pizza *

Stewart Island smoked salmon, cream cheese & capers

BBQ Meatlovers Pizza *

Packed with salami, bacon, ham, onion, mozzarella & tangy bbq sauce

Mediterranean Pizza *

Sundried tomatoes, mushrooms & onion topped with Greek tzaziki sauce


See cabinet for fresh daily selection

Salads *+

See cabinet for fresh daily selection

Cheese Rolls

A southland favourite!


See cabinet for fresh daily selection

Slices & Cakes *+

See cabinet for fresh daily selection including paleo and gluten free options.

Smoothies *+

Berry smoothie, Berry crushie, Banana Oat crushie, Mago crushie

Iced Chocolates & Iced Coffee - these are a decadant shake not be to missed!

* denotes Gluten Free Available

+ denotes Paleo Available


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